Ministry of Law and Justice



Mr. Justice (R) Muhammad Raza Khan

Secretary, Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights  




Phone: + (92-51- 9202712)

Fax:    + (92-51- 9201722)




                        Justice (R) Muhammad Raza Khan is holding the post of Secretary in the Law, Justice and Human Rights Division. He has held, during his long and active career, high positions in diverse fields. He blends variegated experiences, such as administrative, legal, judicial and teaching. To satisfy his urge for delving into different disciplines of knowledge, he has trained himself in Law, Literature, and Islamic Studies. He has mastered Arabic language, in addition to English, Pashto, Punjabi and Urdu. He cherishes hard-work.

                    Starting his career as a teacher in English, he became a Civil Judge and climbed the ladder, being elevated as Judge of the Peshawar High Court. In between, he had the welcome opportunities to work in responsible positions in the Ombudsman’s Office (Senior Law Advisor), Federal Service Tribunal (Member) and Federal Law Secretary. He is trained in professional and administrative matters both within and outside Pakistan, earning appreciation from academicians and experts alike.